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The New Dimension of Corporate Travel

Introducing a revolutionary approach to executive transportation. As a premier provider of travel solutions, we elevate corporate travel with unmatched precision and personalized service. Our integrated offerings, from seamless airport transfers and exclusive concert shuttles to curated local adventures, ensure a superior travel experience. Rooted in local expertise and driven by military professionalism, our service combines convenience, safety, and luxury, tailored to meet the highest standards of today’s executives. With a focus on exceptional quality and peace of mind, we are redefining corporate travel in Charlotte and beyond, delivering confidence and excellence with every journey.

C  T Services



(Airport Transfer)

30 mins


Any pick up location

METRO CLT || 1-2 Passengers

2023 VW Taos

Panoramic Roof
Complimentary WiFi
Entertainment Screens



(Shuttle to Concerts
@ PNC, Spectrum, Belk

45 mins


Any pick up location

METRO CLT || 1-3 Passengers

Volkswagen SUV



(Dinner Outing, Social Events )

60 mins


Any pick up location

METRO CLT || 1-4 Passengers

Volkswagen SUV

Volkswagen SUV


GÖ The Distance

(Airport Transfer Outside of Metro CLT)

2 hours


Residential Pick Up

1 Way Travel || 1-3 Passengers

Fleet VW SUV

Panoramic Roof
Complimentary WiFi
Entertainment Screens



(Monthly Winery Visit)

3 hour


Residential Pick Up

Round Trip || 1-3 Passengers

Fleet VW SUV

Panoramic Roof
Complimentary WiFi
Entertainment Screens

Why Volkswagen?

German Engineering


Volkswagens 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine has won the "Engine of the Year Award" for the seventh consecutive time in the 1.0 to 1.4 litre displacement category. This makes the 1.4-litre TSI the most successful engine in the 15-year history of this international engine technology competition. 

Unbridled Safety (Read: Crumple Zones)
In 2018, with my newborn son in tow, I hit a deer going 80mph on highway 81 through West Virgin5a headed to a wedding. The front crumple zone absorbed the impact and dissipated the energy so much so that the occupant zone was wholly unaffected. The deformation zone in the front of body shell collapsed in a controlled fashion. VW Designs its cars so that the engine and boot function as rugged, but ultimately deformable, impact absorption or deformation zones. 

I was simply asked: "Did we go over a speed bump?


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